Monday, November 4, 2013

B.M.W.B - Teddy Party and Doing It My Way

This post is about a teddy party. A little party for a boy who is turning 5 and right into teddies.

This is also a story about a mama whose happy to be doing things her way. This party is the kind of party I want to put on. The 3,4 and 5 year old boys who came are probably not in the least impressed by the themed games or food but I have loved putting it together. So you might read this post and feel comparison one of 2 ways: looking down 'really she think this is that wonderful??', or up 'another person to make me feel stink about packets of chips and a dvd'. This is neither, this is about me owning the way I enjoy doing a party. Me happy that there are others on either side of the spectrum and me hoping that you might find some fun ideas here or you might just be encouraged to do parties your way.

So we had games - hoola-hoop teddy toss, teddies on the tramp, the teddy coconut shy, teddy drawing, pin the banana on the monkey, musical teddies, we're going on a bear hunt (with little hand made bears to find) and general fun.

Big brother wrote down teddy points for each game (rather than having winners and prizes for each) and at the end each child got to pick an op-shopped teddy to take home.

We had teddy food including:
crunchy snacks - carrot sticks, hummus, chippies
teddy popcorn
teddy fruities (fruit kebabs)
swimming bears - tiny teddies in jelly rings, in blue jelly
racing bears - mini moros, tiny teddies and pebbles for wheels
tired teddies - tiny teddies 'sleeping' under umbrellas, on sand - crushed biscuits and sea - blue icing
teddy tonic - fizzy (a big compromise for me!)
two tone teddies - 2 colour biscuits/pandas (made with special cutters which I borrowed)

and when they arrived they decorated their own cupcake to take home at the end (look out later this week for a cool giveaway of these markers!).

a rabbit cake was requested from the very old-school, no fondant in sight, women's weekly cake book.(And I bought the sponge cakes because I don't like sponge and I didn't have time to make 2 cakes this week, especially when it was a cake I didn't even like!)

It was a lovely relaxed party and just the right length of time - which for me is 1.5 hours - enough time for games and food and to be kept busy until parents come to collect them.

The invitations, flag stickers, thank you cards, drink labels, food labels, place cards.... all the stuff that looks super professional is from Stuck on You - you can order your own unique combos here.

Becoming the Mama I want to be is about taking time to enjoy the journey of parenting, to honour it's value and to hopefully inspire and encourage each other. 

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Love you more than a 'resting teddy' cupcake xxx