Monday, November 11, 2013

B.M.W.B - Making it Happen

Flip found a 'Kid's Baking Book' I had in my recipe book collection.

'Look Mama this one is really easy. We could do this.'

So I said yes and I set a date - tomorrow afternoon.

Sometimes, I find it so easy to say 'yes that looks good, let's do that some day' and some day never comes.

and I wonder if they will stop asking and suggesting one day?

and when it really is easy and fun maybe I just need to do it now or set a time for it tomorrow?

At this time of year there seem to be a million more balls to juggle and things on the calendar and urgent 'have-tos' but when you are 5 and 7 it's also an exciting time of year. There are end of year concerts to talk about, books to read, sports to play, hoses to run under..... and those things don't always happen at other times of the year.

This season I am particularly challenged to be actually present, not just physically present with the boys.

Eye contact, one thing at a time, less things, more laughing, more yes, more crazy plans.... those are the things I am aiming to 'make happen' in November and December.

I know presents and social engagements and tidying, baking, cleaning.... stuff... it all has to happen too but I am determined it will not be in the drivers seat.

How about you? Do you stay as engaged or are you like a beggar at a smorgasbord overladen with things/jobs/expectations like I am?

If you need a break - whip up some icy pops together. If you don't have the right gear a plastic cup and a teaspoon will do just as well - milk, flavoured milk, smoothies, cordial, juice, fizzy... any of those will be fine. (and if you are really desperate some coloured water might just cut the mustard too!)

Becoming the Mama I want to be is about taking time to enjoy the journey of parenting, to honour it's value and to hopefully inspire and encourage each other. 

Create Hope Inspire

Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be

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Love you more than an iceblock under a tree on a hot day xxx