Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Most Re-Written Post Ever

I keep writing and re-writing this post.

It's been called:

How Many Dresses Does 25kg Weigh?


Ch.. Ch...Changes

Um... I have something to tell you

and other such inspired titles.

See it's kind of tricky to tell people information that will surprise them and information you're not sure how they will react to...

In light of this.

We have news.

In about 6 weeks we will be leaving Christchurch and New Zealand and moving to Adelaide for 2 years. The Atlas has been offered the kind of job he would write for himself if he could and things have fallen into place in a way that causes Peace in amongst what is rather a lot to do and deal with.


Sorry if you are choking on your weetbix in surprise right now - this whole process has taken about 4 weeks from application to acceptance and I'm not sure how to let people know so I'm going for the 'rip that plaster off' approach. We're all pretty surprised here ourselves this was not on our radar.... lucky we're pretty relaxed about life huh?

Also super sorry if I didn't get to tell you personally. Until yesterday we haven't been able to tell anyone and I just couldn't manage to call you all. I hope you know my friends how much I love you.

So if you've been talking to me about next year and I've been a bit noncommittal I hope you'll understand.

Love you more than a gently broken piece of news xxxx

by the way please tell me some stuff I'll love about living in Australia......