Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wardrobe Tuesday - Study Attire

When I study - my exam is this morning and yes I would like your prayers! - I want to be able to be comfy and lounge about in odd positions on chairs or the floor.

Sitting up-right and sensibly doesn't seem to be my natural persuasion.

So, more often than not I end up wearing my only pair of jeans. I also only own one pair of shorts - this is slightly frustrating so I must rectify it.

But I still want to look a bit like me!

I picked this jacket up on sale the other day from Pagani - which isn't a shop that usually spins my wheels. I like it with my jeans and I think it will be super cute with summer dresses too. Yes I am wearing my sunnies inside - hay fever is not my friend!

I also made myself a brooch like the decoration Bounce made. I rather like it. I quite like the fact that the little lemmings on my t-shirt look like they are plunging into the jacket.

So it's a comfy compromise. Although I do often get stopped by people at school - sometimes ones I don't know - when I wear jeans..... that's how infrequently I wear them - people stop me to comment! :o)

Joining in with lovely ladies at Kelly's tomorrow. Click on the WW button on the right to go straight there.

Final thought - what shall I wear for my exam and do you think 5 pens is enough for a 2.5 hour exam? I like to be over prepared for these things.

Love you more than an orange lemming xxx