Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yeah I Made It 44/52.... another pixie

This little cost was made for a little friend of mine for no real reason.

It's one of the things I love about sewing and being able to make things the ability to do something special for no reason other than the pleasure of it.

While I was making it I thought about the joy of receiving something in the post - just because.

I love this corduroy and she looks totally adorable in it.

This pattern comes from size 1 to women's size 16 and can be purchased here.

love you more than a set of plaits xxx

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

whenever you feel unimportant

write a blog post and don't publish it

hit preview and read it a couple of times

tell yourself you've just read an article before it was published by this really amazing person

and you're the only one who's been invited to read it or give feedback.

you are truly special right now

love you more than creating joy in the small things xxx

Monday, October 26, 2015

43 of 52

The hole that was made by the head when the arm broke and stopping to play in city sculptures whilst on a bike ride.

Mama come and watch me skid - the tipping over was intentional.

love you more than bearable spring temperatures and a cast that only needs to be on for 2 weeks xxx

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Lake House

So you know when you read a book by someone you haven't heard of before and then you read that they are currently Australia's highest selling international author and you feel a little sheepish?

Well, I now know what that feels like!

The Lake House by Kate Morton is the first of her books I have read but it won't be the last.

What Morton manages to do is to tell characters both from their own perspective and from the perspective of others - and captures the essence of the person, but the difference in perceptions perfectly. I always know a book is a great read when I get annoyed when it changes to a different timeline because I am so engrossed in the story.

This is a whodunnit story, a historical story, a facing your burdens and a truth will liberate kind of story.

The story is essentially the story of a missing child from 1933 a case that was never solved.
In 2003 the case stumbles into the lap, or rather she stumbles into it, of detective Sadie Sparrow whilst she is on leave.

By why is the famous, living family member of the case so unwilling to meet her? And how do you solve a case when there is nothing to go on?

The story is a rich cast of characters, loveable and less-so. It tells tales of enduring love, illicit love, unrequited love, damaged love, selfish and selfless love.... it's all in there.

A great read, not gory but really satisfying and the kind where you write and re-write your own theories about it all the way through.

A perfect read for summer or buying yourself to put under the Christmas tree!

Details - Allen & Unwin October 2015, RRP$32.99 also available as an ebook.

love you more than a midsummers party xxx

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 43/52 Gold and Black Ruby Dress

Another of the Ruby pattern by Sew Simple

We had an invite that specified a fabulous dress or funky shirt as the dress code - Excellent right?

So I made this dress up using a goldy coloured broadcloth under an op-shop tulle fabric I picked up.

Also, please note my awesome invisible zip work, despite the fact that it looks like I am way out of alignment. The fabric is going in all different directions which I rather like but is a fabric saving measure rather than an intentional feature.

The Atlas took these photos enroute to the event. It was a little windy, ahem, apologies for the extra leg shots!

Dress - me made
Shoes - Wittner, recently resoled, opshop
Bracelet - made from NZ 2 cent coins a gift from The Atlas

love you more than a perfect dress-code xxx

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

week 42

another broken arm and head injury - this time combined - this time the older brother. Hole/indentation in wall created by head was about the size and depth of a cereal bowl.

and a completed mama+bounce project

love you more than a week of doctors appointments xxx

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

motherhood confessions

I snuck lentils into the lasagne and you all ate it.

love you more than using up a half bag of lentils you discovered in the pantry while making lasange xxx

Monday, October 19, 2015

YA Reading On My Nightstand


Well clearly not on my nightstand any more because finished! Also don't really use a nightstand because I tend to read on the couch!

So I'm loving YA/ teen fiction because it's so readable and the good stuff is so satisfying. Lately I've been enjoying these reads:

Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti

If you like X-men and fast paced stories told from multiple perspectives this is a story for you. This is a teen novel with very little swearing (about 2 words and in context) and a small amount of kissing. Each of the characters in the story has some kind of power that they don't fully understand. As the story unfolds the powers they have both help and hinder them. I really enjoyed this read and it made me reflect a bit on how all of us have 'powers' (traits) that both help and hinder us to influence others. Definitely a book I'll be giving my boys to read when they are a bit older. Also the book is massive but every chapter is really short so I think it will be a hit with the less 'lost in a book' kind of reader too.

Details - Allen and Unwin, October 2015, RRP $19.99

Newt's Emerald by Garth Nix

This is billed as a 'regency romance' and is a young adult novel but again I really enjoyed it as an adult read too. The book reminded me of a mash up of Pride and Prejudice, meets The Merchant of Venice (shakespeare's play - with hidden identities), meets something more magical.  I really enjoyed this story. It has some fabulous characters and all the conventions of the mistaken identity and romance where the characters are on and off again before all the loose threads get woven in at the end. Perfect for any wannabe heroine who also has some spunk but really appropriate levels of romance (one kiss) for a younger teen reader. I would really recommend this for any teen reader who loves romance, history, magic and would happily give it to a keen pre-teen as well.

Details - Allen and Unwin, October 2015, RRP $18.99

Wonder by R.J Palacio

I have seen this book everywhere in schools but not actually read it. I started it in a class I was relieving one day and really enjoyed the beginning so I went and bought a copy at my favourite bookshop. (As I tend to do!) This book feels like a stream of consciousness from different characters, rather than a firm narrative as such. Told from multiple perspectives the story is essentially August's story. A boy with hideous facial deformities starting mainstream school for the first time (having been homeschooled prior). This is one of those books that really draws the reader in but also has a hugely important story to tell - the story of seeing beyond how someone looks or how they are different from you and to be able to stand against the crowd. Essential reading for any pre-teens/ teenagers who are entering that difficult phase of life where you feel like any difference is the worst thing that could happen and when you are tempted to compromise yourself to fit in with the crowd. Immensely readable. I think there would be a great deal of reflection and discussion that could come out of this.

Details - Random House, 2012, RRP $18.99

KidGlovz by Julie Hunt and Dale Newman

This is a graphic novel that follows Kidglovz musical prodigy and prisoner of his 'uncle' and manager. Full of mystery and intrigue it is a compelling tale. The illustrations are pencil and charcoal. The whole narrative features a lot of dream sequences and there are time flashbacks as well. I really enjoyed reading this as graphic novels are a departure from my usual choice. I think this would appeal to readers from about 10 years onward and I can see readers spending time in the illustrations. It would also be really interesting to use for art and media arts studies in terms of how the story is told graphically and the interplay between the text and illustration.

Details - Allen and Unwin, September 2015, RRP $24.99 HB

love you more than all the emotions xxx

Friday, October 16, 2015

Little Readers Reviews

Hi there it's Bounce and Flip reviewing some recent arrivals to our shelves.

Box by Min Flyte and Rosalind Beardshaw

I like how this book comes with your own box to make. My favourite page is the one with the never ending box. The pictures are filled with boxes and I really like the train and reading out what the pages say. 'Hey mum shall we get lots of boxes and make a real life of this book?'

Mama adds - a simple read with the lift-the-flap joy which appeals so much to younger readers. A perfect book for exploring independently 4+ and reading together for young readers.
Details - Nosy Crow 2015, RRP $19.99 HB

Ten Blue Wrens by Eliazbeth Honey

I like the how the pictures for all the numbers are on the inside covers too. I like number 4 because it has cats, and a bird and it goes up to four houses. I could read this book on my own, 5+ can read it on their own, and 2+ can listen to it.

Mama adds - a truly Australian counting book with AFL, pies and wrens. The book is written in a pleasant rhyme scheme that reads aloud well. The imprint details also include information how the illustrations (which are in the style of printing/stamping) are made. A lovely read for 3-5 year olds and a nice independent read for an emerging reader.
Details - Allen & Unwin September 2015, RRP $9.99

The Boy, the Bear, the Baron and the Bard by Gregory Rogers

I like how the boy runs into the art gallery without the bullies running after him and there are still pictures of the bear hiding in a picture in the art gallery. The pictures are really cool. There are 3 different stories in the book but some of the characters cross over. This book would be enjoyed by 4+

Mama adds - this is a fully illustrated, no text, book that tells a story in a comic book style with boxes. (A la The Snowman by Raymond Briggs). There is a lot of movement in the style and plenty of narrative to keep the reader engaged. I can see this being enjoyed across a wide age range.
Details - Allen & Unwin September 2015, RRP $29.99

Freddy Tangles - Champ or Chicken by Jack Brand

This book is about Freddy versus a boy called Hugo. I liked the part where he falls out of the tree naked because he lands on the bull and thinks it can take him all the way home, when it can only stay in one place. My favourite character is Freddy. He is cool because he is very funny and irritating too.
Anyone from 5+ would enjoy being read this book and about 7+ for children to read on their own. The illustrations are cool and the ants are really funny too.

Mama adds - we read these books aloud and the boys really enjoyed them and laughed aloud. Plenty of gross school yard humour here. These are the kind of books that I think would be great for the classroom library. The mix of text and illustration breaks up the words for less confident readers who still want to read 'big' books.
Details - Allen & Unwin September 2015, RRP $9.99

Freddy Tangles - Legend or Loser  by Jack Brand

Another hilarious tale but this one is am amazing piece of writing because of the way it dealt with the issue and emotions of bullying. I would definitely use this as a read aloud in a classroom context despite the fact that the word fart is used like a million times! A fantastic, thought provoking and clever read.

Details - Allen & Unwin September 2015, RRP $9.99

love you more than a voice too tired to read anymore xxx

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Yeah I Made It 42/52... Necklaces with the CWA

'sup lovely ladies,

Ages ago I learnt to make these lovely necklaces at The Make cafe.

So last week I paid it forward and taught the ladies of the CWA how to make them too - we had a lovely evening making together.

Some lovely necklaces in here.

Here are all the ones we made on the night:

and these are the 3 'demo' ones I made:

The little lighthouse is a scan of a stitchery I did for a story I wrote. I must show you those pictures one day too! The other two are Christmas card images from the Oxfam catalogue.

What crafts are you revisiting lately?

love you more than a tiny nativity xxx

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

forty one

these boys

loving the cockle train in Middleton

loving Daddy and Grandad's faces peaking through

love you more than the clatter of a train on the tracks xxx

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Singing Bones by Shaun Tan

Hiya folks,

I first discovered Shaun Tan's work with The Red Tree when I was teaching in London. His artworks have a sort of mesmerising quality and he tells dreamlike stories with very powerful messages.

Before I received this book I was unaware that Tan is an Australian author/illustrator!

The Singing Bones book is actually a collection of photographs of sculptures he created to go with a collection of fifty of Grimm's tales by Philip Pullman.

This book includes 75 images accompanied by short excerpts of the tales they are from. The excerpts are written by Jack Zipes. If you are unfamiliar with the actual tales of Grimm they are much darker than the 'fairytales' we currently tell or many of us are familiar with.

Clearly the Grimms were prolific collectors of stories and there were many tales in here that I hadn't come across (even though I did do a paper that covered their tales at uni).

Of course it is Tan's work that I was most excited about seeing. His sculptures have the same dream like quality as his illustrations and each one is a true work of art. They are truly evocative and this book would be a beautiful coffee table book. Like the tales some of the images are dark and somewhat haunting. I would definitely see this as a book for older readers as well as adults.

It would also be a beautiful jumping off point for looking at sculpture as an art form.
Details - Allen and Unwin, October 2015 RRP $35.00 HB

I know I'll be enjoying this book over and over.

love you more than a perfect scrap of miniature wonder xxx

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Secret Son

history lovers hello,

The Secret Son by Jenny Ackland is a story told in Turkey and Australia from current and world war one eras.

The novel is Ackland's debut and it is beautifully done. It follows Cem who is both breaking free of his family and tracing his Turkish roots and it follows James an Australian left behind after the retreat from Gallipoli and befriended by a young Turkish soldier.

Both have pasts that they are unaware of and both land in the same small village. A hundred years apart their stories are woven together and connected in strange ways.

I loved this novel. It is one of those stories that seems to take you gently by the hand and lead you in but it doesn't stay gentle with you. The characters are well realised and it's one of those stories where afterwards you'd like further novels written from different characters perspectives.

There are times that I need a family tree or neighbourhood overview or cast of characters while I'm reading and I could say that for this book, although it needs to be left out for reasons of narrative in this story.

An excellent read for anyone who likes books with historical links and strong storylines.

Details - Allen &Unwin Spetember 2015, RRP $29.99

love you more than not wanting to finish reading a book xxx

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yeah I Made It 41/52... A Dress from Bounce New Look 6962

Summer's a coming here and cool dresses are all I'll be in for the next few months. (I'll also spend a lot of time complaining about being too hot - but luckily for you you don't have to hear that).

Bounce won a spotlight voucher recently for going in for their birthday celebrations dressed up. The invite to do this was on their handout but he was the only one - he would have been the most adorable either way, obviously! - just goes to show sometimes making a small effort pays off.

Thank you spotlight $50 for Bounce, and he let me buy this piece of fabric along with the various collection of Christmas decorations and other things that appeal to a 6 year old who has a thing for glitter and soft toys.

This pattern New Look 6962 is one of the very first patterns I ever bought when I first started sewing for myself, about 15 years ago. It's super simple it has 2 darts and it's self faced. Three pattern pieces and a short morning with the machine and I have a new dress.

Sorry about the bra exposure at the back - The Atlas took the photos and he didn't notice.

I love the colours and it looks so perfect against the wisteria. Now I just need to carry around a archway of wisteria wherever I walk!

Dress - New Look 6962
fabric $10m (I bought 2m)
Shoes - Crown Vintage brand bought at an op-shop in Melbourne for $15
Sunnies - Reject Shop $5
Bracelet - second hand/ vintage shop
Hair Clip - made by HollyB
Bag - Part of a prize I won

love you more than Spring wisteria xxx

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

forty of fifty two

Collected the big (very tired) boy from camp.

A beautiful, needed weekend away in Middleton.

Grandad accompanied us too.

Watching the waves directly from the windows and The Atlas got to surf every day - special times.

One evening as dusk fell we exploring the rock pools.

love you more than a pool full of star fish xxx