Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 43/52 Gold and Black Ruby Dress

Another of the Ruby pattern by Sew Simple

We had an invite that specified a fabulous dress or funky shirt as the dress code - Excellent right?

So I made this dress up using a goldy coloured broadcloth under an op-shop tulle fabric I picked up.

Also, please note my awesome invisible zip work, despite the fact that it looks like I am way out of alignment. The fabric is going in all different directions which I rather like but is a fabric saving measure rather than an intentional feature.

The Atlas took these photos enroute to the event. It was a little windy, ahem, apologies for the extra leg shots!

Dress - me made
Shoes - Wittner, recently resoled, opshop
Bracelet - made from NZ 2 cent coins a gift from The Atlas

love you more than a perfect dress-code xxx