Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yeah I Made It 41/52... A Dress from Bounce New Look 6962

Summer's a coming here and cool dresses are all I'll be in for the next few months. (I'll also spend a lot of time complaining about being too hot - but luckily for you you don't have to hear that).

Bounce won a spotlight voucher recently for going in for their birthday celebrations dressed up. The invite to do this was on their handout but he was the only one - he would have been the most adorable either way, obviously! - just goes to show sometimes making a small effort pays off.

Thank you spotlight $50 for Bounce, and he let me buy this piece of fabric along with the various collection of Christmas decorations and other things that appeal to a 6 year old who has a thing for glitter and soft toys.

This pattern New Look 6962 is one of the very first patterns I ever bought when I first started sewing for myself, about 15 years ago. It's super simple it has 2 darts and it's self faced. Three pattern pieces and a short morning with the machine and I have a new dress.

Sorry about the bra exposure at the back - The Atlas took the photos and he didn't notice.

I love the colours and it looks so perfect against the wisteria. Now I just need to carry around a archway of wisteria wherever I walk!

Dress - New Look 6962
fabric $10m (I bought 2m)
Shoes - Crown Vintage brand bought at an op-shop in Melbourne for $15
Sunnies - Reject Shop $5
Bracelet - second hand/ vintage shop
Hair Clip - made by HollyB
Bag - Part of a prize I won

love you more than Spring wisteria xxx