Friday, October 16, 2015

Little Readers Reviews

Hi there it's Bounce and Flip reviewing some recent arrivals to our shelves.

Box by Min Flyte and Rosalind Beardshaw

I like how this book comes with your own box to make. My favourite page is the one with the never ending box. The pictures are filled with boxes and I really like the train and reading out what the pages say. 'Hey mum shall we get lots of boxes and make a real life of this book?'

Mama adds - a simple read with the lift-the-flap joy which appeals so much to younger readers. A perfect book for exploring independently 4+ and reading together for young readers.
Details - Nosy Crow 2015, RRP $19.99 HB

Ten Blue Wrens by Eliazbeth Honey

I like the how the pictures for all the numbers are on the inside covers too. I like number 4 because it has cats, and a bird and it goes up to four houses. I could read this book on my own, 5+ can read it on their own, and 2+ can listen to it.

Mama adds - a truly Australian counting book with AFL, pies and wrens. The book is written in a pleasant rhyme scheme that reads aloud well. The imprint details also include information how the illustrations (which are in the style of printing/stamping) are made. A lovely read for 3-5 year olds and a nice independent read for an emerging reader.
Details - Allen & Unwin September 2015, RRP $9.99

The Boy, the Bear, the Baron and the Bard by Gregory Rogers

I like how the boy runs into the art gallery without the bullies running after him and there are still pictures of the bear hiding in a picture in the art gallery. The pictures are really cool. There are 3 different stories in the book but some of the characters cross over. This book would be enjoyed by 4+

Mama adds - this is a fully illustrated, no text, book that tells a story in a comic book style with boxes. (A la The Snowman by Raymond Briggs). There is a lot of movement in the style and plenty of narrative to keep the reader engaged. I can see this being enjoyed across a wide age range.
Details - Allen & Unwin September 2015, RRP $29.99

Freddy Tangles - Champ or Chicken by Jack Brand

This book is about Freddy versus a boy called Hugo. I liked the part where he falls out of the tree naked because he lands on the bull and thinks it can take him all the way home, when it can only stay in one place. My favourite character is Freddy. He is cool because he is very funny and irritating too.
Anyone from 5+ would enjoy being read this book and about 7+ for children to read on their own. The illustrations are cool and the ants are really funny too.

Mama adds - we read these books aloud and the boys really enjoyed them and laughed aloud. Plenty of gross school yard humour here. These are the kind of books that I think would be great for the classroom library. The mix of text and illustration breaks up the words for less confident readers who still want to read 'big' books.
Details - Allen & Unwin September 2015, RRP $9.99

Freddy Tangles - Legend or Loser  by Jack Brand

Another hilarious tale but this one is am amazing piece of writing because of the way it dealt with the issue and emotions of bullying. I would definitely use this as a read aloud in a classroom context despite the fact that the word fart is used like a million times! A fantastic, thought provoking and clever read.

Details - Allen & Unwin September 2015, RRP $9.99

love you more than a voice too tired to read anymore xxx