Monday, October 5, 2015

Yeah I Made It 40/52... Pixie Coats

Sewing friends how's the pin cushion treating you?

So turns out, I love being a family member but I get an F for birthday dates.

I have 2 delicious nieces whose birthdays I recently missed. Yes I know I need to hang up a birthday calendar (my sister made me one) and make sure the birthdays are written on it. Organisation is what we might call and 'emerging strength', which is kind of teacher speak for something I'm pretty rubbish at!

So I used the very simple to put together Big Little pixie coat pattern to make them matching coats. Even though they are 2 years apart I made them the same size because the little one comes from tall genes and the big one doesn't and also they live in different seasons.

Yellow buttons for one and purple buttons for another.

I adore the corduroy horse fabric, there may be enough for a skirt for the least impressive Aunty to make herself one too!

I lined the coat in pink flannelette because if I were small I'd be pretty happy living my life in flannelette.

So, how's your birthday track record? Better than mine right?

love you more than a birthday gift in the post xxx