Thursday, December 31, 2015


So many special memories to be treasured

these are the snaps we've been snapping on our phones lately

3 weeks to go in lovely, but hot, Australia

There have been crafty days

family visiting

enjoying the city

enjoying each other

hope your Decembering has been full - full of love, experiences, joyfulness and chilling out

Happy last of 2015 to you all

love you more than Christmas lights xxxx

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 50/52 The Giant Pink Kaftan

Tropical greetings from the unbearably hot city of Adelaide!

I recently purchased this piece of floral, all-the-pinks, chiffon from a retro/vintage/second-hand shop that was closing down.

This fabric makes me happy on so many levels, but it's chiffon which means it would be a dog to sew. Ergo, one decided that the fewest seams possible would be the go. I used the selvage edges and really only cut a head hole which I finished with bias binding.

I did add some simple tucks under the bust for minimal shaping. In this dress I could be anything from a size 6-46.

It may be noted that the giant pink kaftan is not everyone's cup of tea - I think The Atlas may have felt slightly faint (in the bad way) when he first saw it, he was polite enough not to groan outwardly or making gagging noises!

I get it, the kaftan in lurid pinks and 60s design is not everyone's top choice for style and sophistication - but let's be honest sophistication isn't a word you were going to use when you described me to a friend anyway.

I wear:
Kaftan - vintage fabric $8, made by me with items from stash
Shoes - second hand $15
Necklace - Oxfam $15-20
Earrings - gift from a friend
Bracelet - bought at a vintage shop

It does not need saying but this must always be worn with a slip, unless it is for poolside lounging. Poolside lounging requires lengths of time outdoors - therefore this will never be used for poolside lounging.

I won't wear this on Christmas day, as a gift to The Atlas. But I have worn it out in public twice so far.

I love it.

How about you - a lurid pink gigantic kaftan top of your Christmas wish-list? Tell me.

love you more than a breeze flowing from one armhole through to the other xxx

Monday, December 14, 2015

fifty of fifty two

Getting into the Christmas Spirit on a walk through town - looks rather real!

Having fun in the parklands.

love you more than being inside for the rest of the week as the temperatures soar xxx

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 49/52 the no-effort dress

When the temperatures are in the forties and you are about to pack up and move countries the urge to sew becomes strong!

This is a longer version of the simple 'kimono tee' I've made at least 7 versions of. This time I extended the length and did a bias bound neck and sleeve finishing and a rolled hem (first time I've used this function - great for chiffon). I did the usual french seams.

As you can see one need a slip underneath which is no help with the temperatures but it's comfortable and effortless to wear so that's something!

I'm churning things out of the sewing room at the moment so that I can take them back as clothes (slightly easier to justify than fabric!), so watch this space.

Shoes - op shop
Dress - me made from about 2m of chiffon
Slip - hand me down
Necklace - silicone beads, me made
Sunnies - the reject shop

love you more than a start and finish in 2 hours project xxx

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

49 of 52 Adventing

The activity where we cover each other in love.

It's not hard to think of things I love about these 2. Best of all the big one wrote down everything I said on a note pad so he had an extra record of them - so sweet!

3 more weeks of this year left! How does that happen?

love you more than a sticky note pad xxx

Friday, December 4, 2015

Reading Pile

Book worms and wordophiles,
I've been snatching reading time and then getting invested and staying up too late, as you do.

Recently I've finished the following:

Choosing Hope byKaitlin Roig-DeBellis

A teacher at the now infamous Sandy Hook Elementary School, Roig-DeBellis was teaching the day that a gunman broke into the school and killed 20 children and 6 adults. She and her students survived hidden in a tiny bathroom stall where they heard things people should not ever hear. This story is Roig-De-Bellis's memoir of her own journey to those days and, more important, from them. The overwhelming message of this book is that there is always someone else to help, there is always hope to be found and the only way forward it with an outward looking face. An inspiring, harrowing, beautiful read. A true tribute to living with heart open, making the most of every day and choosing hope in the face of all things. A timely read.
Details - Allen and Unwin,  October 2015, RRP $29.99 also available as an ebook.

The Bakehouse by Joy Cowley

I grabbed this one from my local bookshop - I like Cowley's writing and it was NZ book week at the time I think! Following 3 children who discover a young defector hiding in their neighbourhood during the second world war. This book is about regrets, secrets, and understanding there is more to life than one side of ay story. A beautiful read that unpacks the war story on New Zealand ground. Perfect for thoughtful readers 10+ and for reading aloud to children of that age or above. Lots to think about and discuss from this read. There are also teaching notes on the gecko website.
Details - Gecko Press, 2015. RRP $19.99

The Crossing by Michael Connelly

Another in the detective Bosch series. This one covers recently retired Bosch as he is sucked to the 'other side'. Defending a man wrongly framed for murder, DNA evidence and dangerous characters he is effectively working against the force he's worked so long for. The narrative is compelling and there are some good twists and turns along the way. A great great for people who like crime fiction.
Details - Allen & Unwin, November 2015, RRP $32.99 also available as an ebook.

The Book of Spice - from anise to zedoary by John O'Connell

This is a book for anyone who loves cooking, history or accumulating knowledge about food. O'Connell has collected and collated stories on spices, their uses, origins and influences on history. I love the sense of story in this book - the people and how they were influenced by and used spices for so much more than food. Fascinating and enriching. There are lots of people who I think would love to discover this under the tree or get it and wow everyone with your superior knowledge!
Details - Allen & Unwin, November 2015, RRP $32.99 HB. Also available as an ebook.

Lenten Lands by Douglas H Gresham

This is the story of Gresham's life as the second son of Joy Davidman, the American woman who married C.S.Lewis. It is a story of tribute to the lives of his mother and step-father - their love and their enduring influences on him and others of course, in the case of C.S.Lewis. It is a simply told story full of much sadness but also enduring hope. A really interesting insight into the personal life of an incredibly influential writer, theologian and person.
Details - Harper One 2003

so it's a varied diet coming across my nightstand just now. Tell me what are you reading, or is it all hands on deck until Dec 25th?

love you more than cinnamon xxx

Thursday, December 3, 2015

48/52 Yeah I Made It..... Minecraft Fuzzy Felt Faces

We got involved in a 7 day makeover in our area and one of the groups wanted something 'mincrafty' that was interactive.

So I suggested 'fuzzy felt faces'.

We took 9 designs and worked out the proportions to make 40cm square characters.

A design team created a seating space with a flannelette side. I made a large lined zippered pouch to keep all the pieces in and now little (or big) people can ask at the cafe for the pieces and images - laminated pictures to follow - and have some fun.

A 7 day makeover is a great experience and we really enjoyed being part of it.

love you more than an outdoor game of checkers xxx

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's My Birthday


It would appear that I am 38 today! Wohoo.

I had a gorgeous get together on Sunday, with lovely people that I have been blessed to welcome into my life as friends these last two years.

I believe in celebrating. Every year is a gift and I am blessed by the wonderful 38 I have had so far. Here's to celebrating many more.

Plus gratuitous photos of the boys I love best.

love you more than chocolate mud cake xxx