Thursday, December 17, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 50/52 The Giant Pink Kaftan

Tropical greetings from the unbearably hot city of Adelaide!

I recently purchased this piece of floral, all-the-pinks, chiffon from a retro/vintage/second-hand shop that was closing down.

This fabric makes me happy on so many levels, but it's chiffon which means it would be a dog to sew. Ergo, one decided that the fewest seams possible would be the go. I used the selvage edges and really only cut a head hole which I finished with bias binding.

I did add some simple tucks under the bust for minimal shaping. In this dress I could be anything from a size 6-46.

It may be noted that the giant pink kaftan is not everyone's cup of tea - I think The Atlas may have felt slightly faint (in the bad way) when he first saw it, he was polite enough not to groan outwardly or making gagging noises!

I get it, the kaftan in lurid pinks and 60s design is not everyone's top choice for style and sophistication - but let's be honest sophistication isn't a word you were going to use when you described me to a friend anyway.

I wear:
Kaftan - vintage fabric $8, made by me with items from stash
Shoes - second hand $15
Necklace - Oxfam $15-20
Earrings - gift from a friend
Bracelet - bought at a vintage shop

It does not need saying but this must always be worn with a slip, unless it is for poolside lounging. Poolside lounging requires lengths of time outdoors - therefore this will never be used for poolside lounging.

I won't wear this on Christmas day, as a gift to The Atlas. But I have worn it out in public twice so far.

I love it.

How about you - a lurid pink gigantic kaftan top of your Christmas wish-list? Tell me.

love you more than a breeze flowing from one armhole through to the other xxx