Tuesday, November 19, 2013

They Used to Read

Anyone remember that poem from Roald Dahl? All about the joy of books and reading from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Heads up on a couple of new books heading to shelves near you soon.

100 People by Masayuki Sebe - this is the kind of book you should keep in your handbag mother-ship hold-all. Every page has a hundred different somebodies and a set of special somebodies at the top to spot on that particular page.

Can you imagine how this might transform a long car ride or a doctors waiting room??

Our favourite pages are:

Also Dunger by Jow Cowley. Joy is a NZ author! Hooray. This is a young teen fiction told chapter to chapter in first person by a brother and sister conned (in a way only parents can mange) into a summer helping their argumentative grandparents work on their bach in the sounds with no power or cell phone coverage.

What appears to be the worst trip ever for 11 and 13 year-old brother sister William and Melissa becomes a defining trip for them and for their family.

This is a very readable book that is well written and paints a picture many teens and preteens will identify with. It captures a very special part of NZ life and has some fabulous moments.

My favourite? When William tells his grandfather that he and grandma fight too much and maybe they are incompatible and the grandfather replies "you mean I'm the income and she's the pattible?"

I like it when NZ books are comfortable in their own skin. I think this book could be read by any teenager but it's definitely a kiwi setting. This book would be enjoyable and appropriate reading for any 10-14 year old.

I so love having new books on the shelves. Both these books are published by Gecko and both would make a great gift for Christmas.

Love you more than decent insect repellent and a campsite with coverage xxx

Thanks to Gecko for these lovely books