Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wardrobe Tuesday and Make My Week

On Friday after the big school drop off The Atlas and I went out for a coffee (hot chocolate and juice) together. Unfortunately he had to go on to work so I had a little wander around the shops and found some beautiful $200 shoes that I wanted ....

instead I bought 2.5 metres of fabric for $20 which I thought wasn't so bad for my 'baby started school' therapy.

So on Saturday afternoon, after the birthday party, using an original 1950s pattern I made myself a dress. 'Grandad' (my FIL) thought I was making curtains, but I must confess I do think this fabric would make the most happy caravan curtains so I wasn't insulted.

I rather love it.

The full skirt was my addition as was the green ric-rac around the neckline. I do love ric-rac!

The fabric is seer-sucker I think - at least it has that kind of texture and it has red/pink rabbits on it too.

Shoes are another Melbourne purchase and I think they hold their own but don't detract from the main event. Sweet clip made by Holly. I think I need to buy some more I love it so much. Bangle is silver and bought for cheap in a second hand/antique shop. Under neath is my red full petticoat.

This dress reminds me of a daffodil, in colour and in cheerfulness. I had pondered going for a straighter silhouette but I'm glad I went this way in the end. I got stopped by a few people at church to comment on it so clearly it makes other people happy too. Not bad for a $20 spend I think, everything else was already in my stash, including the duvet cover offcuts I used to line the bodice.

Joining in with Kelly, on Wednesday and Leonie on Thursday

Love you more than a spring daffodil xxxx