Friday, November 1, 2013

5 Years Ago Today...

we welcomed you... little bundle of energy. Fast and furious you came and we only just made it to the hospital but not quite to reception.

You are sweet and soft, and the way you always choose me and want me to snuggle you close makes me so happy. I know these days are limited and that in time you will be 'too big' for such things. So I treasure you my snuggly wee one and both grieve and celebrate your growing.

And that is what parenting is I guess - celebration and grieving. As the bond grows so grows the independence, the writing of your own story, and all this is as it should be.

We love you little fellow. We wanted you and you were given to us and we hope we will do justice to the high calling of parenting you.

You are clever and you are kind. You are capable and you are helpful. You are a beautiful person on your own and you are part of our team and of the great and beautiful family of humanity.

It is with sadness and joy I watch you today as you enter your classroom, filled with anticipation as I am filled with hopes for you - for kindness, understanding and friends mainly.

I love you and I will always love you and not just to today but every day I am grateful for the person you are in my life,

for your questions and answers for the way your favourite phrase at the moment is 'in any case' like "I hope I don't get wet, in any case skin is waterproof"

for all I have learnt and am learning in parenting you and for your wonderful companionship for the last five years

for the way you want to watch football with daddy in a sheep costume,

for your ongoing love of teddies and the fact there is no room on your bed but you still want to add to your collection, for the way you play with them, make up voices for them and share your world with them,

for the way you adore your brother

for you - plain and simple - the happy and grumpy, the generous and demanding, the quiet and the noisy, the sleeping and the exuberant, you - just as you are

Happy birthday wee man. You are our boy and we are proud of you, you will always, always, always have a place on our team xxxx