Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We Recommend - Personal, Postable, Perfect (& another giveaway)

So I've been on a bit of a pillowcase fix this year when it comes to making gifts... but I know not everyone is a maker and frankly some days I just want to selfish sew so I'm not always a maker either!

But I do love beautiful pillow cases and special messages. So here's what The Atlas will be getting under the tree ... shhhh!

Oh, that's right he gets my blog via email so... surprise babe!!

I love this because we really are 'better together' at least I know I am better together with him. He's probably quite cool all by himself but I always like people to meet me with him and I do talk about him quite a lot and ... well anyway.

These awesome pillowcases are made by the wonderful NZ design duo elephant and bird. Who are a boy girl team screen printing all sorts of loveliness in NZ. I guess he's the elephant and she's the bird? Ahem - let's not speculate. I rather like their blog too - it's thoughtful and thought provoking.

These pillow cases come in a gorgeous linen pouch with an elephant and bird stamp and strike me as the perfect sort of gift for hard to buy for partners and overseas types who you need to be posting to soon and don't want anything too big or bulky. They post all their products overseas too and with the lovely pouch you could bypass all the frustration and get them sent direct to your recipient. That's my kind of shopping!

The pillow cases are a nice heavy but smooth fabric too so I can't imagine they will go bobbly and mess up your hair :o)

And they use eco-friendly practices too which makes this hippy happy.

Here's their felt intro:
At elephant+bird all our products come from our own unique designs and illustrations. We screen print onto organic cotton garments for men, women and children and home wares as well as graphic prints and other small bach creations.

I'm also thinking these would make really awesome wedding presents. I tend to resist the gift register like a gift-horse resists opening their mouth. I know it's nice to get someone what they want but, towels??? Yawn.

These are perfect. I will buy these and they will be thankful for my wonderful taste, their lovely NZ product and the fact that everyone will be jealous (which they definitely won't be about towels - unless they get caught short and have to run through your house wrapped in a bathmat - which could happen I guess).

So, are you jealous of The Atlas' awesome Christmas present and wonderful wife? Well you can win a set of your own - that's pillowcases - clearly I do not come in a set and I am not for sale or a prize (although I don't mind when The Atlas calls me a trophy wife! ha ha).

How to win? - a comment for each please:
1. Head over to E+B felt page and let me know what you love most.
2. Like them on FB
3. Link in a recommendation post of your own
4. Tell me something funny that has happened in your bedroom (G for general not R18!)
         - one night I woke up and found The Atlas under the bed taking all the junk out from underneath it and marching it across the room to put it on a shelf. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was moving things to higher ground. He had no recollection of it in the morning but he had been dreaming about floods. See he is so awesome - he's even responsible in his sleep! :o)

Thanks to the lovely Elephant and Bird team for a beautiful place to lay my head at night.(or should that be The Atlas to lay his head??)
Winner drawn on 20th of November and notified by email. Still time to enter the edible ink pens draw from last week too. Lucky, lucky readers!

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