Thursday, July 25, 2013

Make My Week - Sketch by Stitch

I have these dreams of one day being able to draw a picture I'll feel really pleased with

in the mean time, I stitch

This is something for a friend.... if she wants it. It's based on a verse I love in Job that says, but He knows the way I take, when he has tested me I shall come forth as gold.

These trees are based on something I pinned showing how to 'sketch trees'.

I do love single coloured stitching and it's nice to work on little projects, especially ones that are easy to travel with.

Also my humble effort for the Hottie Project - keeping children warm in Christchurch

Joining in with the lovely Leonie and other cheerful crafters

Love you more than an op-shop box filled with embroidery floss xx

I took the photos at night so I played around with them - that's why they all look a little different. In real life the fabric is a similar colour to unbleached calico.