Friday, July 26, 2013

sandpit conversations

Flip: just pretend it's a sewage dolphin, it swims in sewage and everyone loves it

Bounce: here comes trucks, they're picking up the trucks

Flip: okay we'll drive over the sewage, watch out dolphin! We need more rubbish, rubbish alert, rubbish alert!

Washing has been dried on the line, coats of varnish on a project and laughter from the sandpit..... the promise of Spring hangs in the air and the holidays draw, sadly, to a close.

Happy Friday, Sad Friday (I love the holidays)

and just for good measure some of my favourite holiday shots - four square men, a very special little moment between Flip and Stella's little E, shark attack, and seriously, don't follow me - follow Jesus!....

Love you more than a sewage dolphin xx