Friday, July 19, 2013


We had this wonderful family holiday together - I'll post more about it over the next couple of weeks but for now we are home.....

isn't home just the best word?

that word is such a 'whole' word for me.

I am realising more and more how much my home is a platform for me - so much of who I am flows out of my home - having people over, baking, creating, playing family, snuggling with The Atlas.... being around the things I have made, the odd assortment of bits we have accumulated over time (none new), the books I love.... the word home evokes all this and more to me.... it's not about the building, it's about what goes on and comes out of the building.

I think that desire to nest is so important when you share your life, especially with little people. It makes me sad for the people who've had that taken away through the earthquakes here and through war, poverty and disaster elsewhere.

I have had such a good time away

and now I am home

happy in both

love you more than holiday muesli xxx

(on holiday we all get to pick our own cereal....mmmm muesli)