Monday, July 8, 2013

B.M.W.B - Yes. Yes You Can

I've talked about it before, as have others (more eloquently!), it is so easy to just say no, without thinking, to the myriad of requests that come from little ones to mamas

Can I have another biscuit?
Can I go on the computer?
Can I run around in a t-shirt and undies on the lawn when it is 2 degrees outside?...... you get the drift

The thing I am trying hard to do is to STOP and THINK before I say yes or no.

To check I have actually heard the request, and then rationally consider - is this doable, is it a 'small stuff' (as in: don't sweat the small stuff - as in: I want to wear a singlet and long johns to church in summer), will it be fun, is it only laziness that makes me want to say no, will this build us together as a family, ..... those things

So when the boys asked if they could just play with the 'mum's shop' merchandise .... and I stopped and thought before answering... I thought 'why not?'. I knew they would treat it as a great privilege and they wouldn't nag me to buy stuff, they just wanted to have some special time.

So I gave them the box, the price list and the float (real money, in small change) and I encouraged them to give their teddies $1 and play shop keepers and customers. I reminded them that they had to put it all back at the end - including the money and what the teddies bought.

They had such a nice time. I joined in for some and I made dinner during the rest. So special and so nice for them to feel my trust in action.... and they didn't disappoint me.

I love these boys. I'm glad I thought before I answered, and that I said yes.

love you more than a teddy whose nose has been loved off x

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