Friday, August 23, 2013

When You Need to Remind Yourself

I have an assignment due next Friday... yeah I know I've not mentioned it here. I'm doing a paper this semester.

Anyway..... it's weighing on my mind, this assignment, a lot more than they ever did when I studied fresh from school!

So I'm reminding myself of the amazing privilege it is to be able to learn

to study without persecution

to have a huge range of choice of what to study

that no one stands in the way of a woman, who is a mum, learning something new.

It is a joy to be stretching my mind, learning new things, challenging myself in new ways.

Oh, and I'm grateful for amazing libraries with free wi-fi and lovely people to study next to, aye Deb?

We're so, so privileged here in New Zealand.

...and as a side note I'm also loving little boys who line up teddies.... oh so cute

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