Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For Riding on a Spring Day

Joining in with Wardrobe Wednesday again - this is what I wore on Saturday to the boys' last football matches of the season and then rode on my bike up to a lovely market nearby.

I love this gingham dress - it reminds me of a school uniform (in a non-Britney Spears kind of way) and it's such a happy colour. I teamed it up with my matching cardi (op-shopped) and socks with lace ruffles (glassons) and my newly made over and I-hadn't-quite-added-the-laces in for the photos shoes (more about them tomorrow). Oh, and my super train necklace - made by me for less than $5 - it's very tricky to put a plastic bead on a thin faux-silver chain don't you know??

My sunnies were also a great help because I had woken up at 5.20am sneezing with hay-fever. The sneezing was so bad I had to blow my nose on my pjs - I know you really appreciate this over-sharing. :o) Consequently it was a no eye-make up day on Saturday.

The weather was awesome and I felt very 'me' in this outfit, and that's the point isn't it?

Not that we should look like some cookie-cutter of 'whats-in-style, your-legs-should-be-10metres-long, whatever-the fashion-lords-decree' thing. We ought to be an extension of who we are in the way we dress.

That's my philosophy anyway! :o)

Joining in with Kelly and plenty of stylish ladies over at Wardrobe Wednesday. 

Love you more than a bike ride in Spring xxx