Friday, August 16, 2013

The Men In My Life

I have some very special men in my life.

This week I'm super grateful for The Atlas and Pop (my step-dad). This week Pop has been here replacing rotten shingles and doing a job that has been weighing on The Atlas' mind for ages. It's his time off between jobs and he's still come and done that.

and.... yesterday afternoon he came and helped start planning a very special walk-in addition to our bedroom! Because, as much as it's lovely to see all my pretty clothes those racks are seriously suffering under the strain no person ever imagined when they designed them.

On Monday, Pop and The Atlas (who is taking a holiday day) are going to start the new wardrobe. We have important other stuff we need to do around our house and I am so, so grateful for The Atlas and Pop who are making some time to do something non-urgent just for me (let's be realistic here The Atlas will only use about 30cm of wardrobe space all up!).

I do have other awesome men in my life but today I want to stop and thank these 2 very much.

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