Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crazy Combinations

There is something about those old ladies with purple hair and blue eye-shadow up to their eyebrows that appeals to me. I mean I know I should be saying something awful about the crazy 'purple rinse brigade' and mutton dressed as dragon.... or some such thing.

But I like their attitude. I like the thought that they get up and don their crazy ensemble and while they make their choices it's about joy - it's not about 'being appropriate' or fading into the background or being something society expects of them - it's about celebrating - life, colour, matching tracksuits made out of weird plasticy stuff, or 'African-inspired' jewellry.... or whatever.

I like the attitude, the sense of adventure, the implied mischief when dressing is a little crazy.

Maybe I'm reading more into it than a year 13 poetry assignment, but it's my take and I'm sticking to it.

This ensemble is a bit of all that. I like it but I get that it's a bit too much wrong green on blue, ruffled ankle socks with dry legs, op-shopped with glassons, with hand-made, with trade me and a ring I got at high school.....

I like it  - it makes me feel like a lady whose about to buy a supersized box of aqua eye-shadow.

Joining in with WW (button on the right)

Little model also showing his crafty work from the craft class we are going to on a Tuesday morning at the Make Cafe

Love you more than a pair of ruffled ankle socks, don't knock 'em till you've bought me a pair xxx