Saturday, August 3, 2013

On the Bedside Table

So.... you know how they always ask people in magazines 'what's on your bedside table?'

and they always answer some wonderful, high brow something..... (I always think: oh I'd have to quickly put something impressive on my bedside table before they came to photograph my home, ....does anyone else think that? just me then?)

anyway I digress (as usual)

we have some new books in our book bucket - and being that I love picture books, think of these as my current bedtime reading

Eat Up, Little Donkey

- such a cute book. Super simple illustrations, think of it as a parenting book whilst being empathetic, funny and engaging all at the same time. Thing is little donkey (read your average 2 year old) will not eat his dinner..... Mama donkey tries all her best strategies and then she brings in (or takes out) the big guns. I asked Bounce (4 and 3/4s!) what he liked best and he said 'when little donkey changes his mind'.

Perfect for any little Donkey who sometimes needs encouragement to eat up or a little Donkey who has a strong sense of the rules. The humour is perfectly pitched for preschoolers.

The Story Blanket

- I picked this up (actually I bought 2 copies - 1 for a gift) recently because I do judge a picture book by it's cover! It's a story of generosity, of community story telling, of noticing others. It's a story for crafters (there's a lot of knitting in the book), a story for little people who like mysteries and kindness and stories. I love the pictures too

 - this is how I'd like to be able to draw, kind of.

Hannah's Night

- The author/illustrator of this book used to work as a kimono textile designer and you can tell. The colours are beautiful and though the illustrations are not typical of the stylised Japanese images you see in kimono and prints, they have an amazing quality to them that feels true to (although very different from) the 'Japanese aesthetic'.

This is a gentle story, a story that aligns itself with the mystical stuff of childhood - waking to a sleeping house and eating cherries from the fridge without asking. It's beautiful and night-timey without being scary. It has a slow narrative and would be perfect for the child whose imagination is full of gentle wonder.

Links for Eat Up Little Donkey and Hannah's Night will take you to the Gecko Press (who publish awesome books) website where you can pre-order your copies (and then you can feel smug and ahead of the game!).

love you more than a brown paper package tied up with string xxxx