Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make My Week - Sparkly Shoes

A while ago I did a shoe makeover but the problem was I really didn't like the shape/style of the original shoe and the makeover didn't redeem them.

So I started fresh with a pair of white commando-m style shoes I knew I would wear.

Glitter + glue + fabric marker = shoe awesomeness :o)

A couple of evenings in front of the TV and I have some new shoes. Which are opposites (sort of), do you see what I mean?

Craft needn't take a lot of time and it is possible to be busy and under deadlines and still find space to make.

Be creative little ones - it's good for you :o)

If you want to see a picture of these 'in action' have a look at my Wardrobe Weds picture yesterday.

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Love you more than a pot of fluro glitter xxx