Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today You Are 8

Today my big boy is eight.

Dear Flip,

I love that you are just yourself. You march to the beat of your own drum without consciously recognising it. You are a friend of anyone who'd care to be your friend. You have boy and girl friends and you just love having people over and spending time with people.

You are interested in facts and how things work and if vampires are real. You are desperate for a phone or an ipad or any kind of technology but you are also mature about the fact that we keep saying no. One day you might grow up to be a computer programmer and if you do I hope you will understand why we stuck to our principles on this.

You are smart and you are funny. You sat on my knee the other night while we watched Bear Grylls to protect me if I felt scared of any of the yucky stuff he eats.

You like harmony between people and you love it when we all hang out together and have fun.

You play like a champ with your brother - sometimes the 2 of you just disappear into your room and all I hear are the voices of your current make-believe-activity (punctuated by the odd disagreement, which is usually over before I need to intervene). You listen to audio books all the time and you love me reading to you.

We love you Flip. We love who you are and we hope as you grow up you continue to be firmly convinced that we are with you all the way cheering you on to the person you were made to be.

Happy 8th birthday.