Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trimmings - Entry One

This year I was very excited to discover that Umbrella Prints is a fabric maker that operates from Adelaide. Each year they hold a competition to see what people can make from a little packet of trimmings (a bit like the scrap bag swap that Nin hosts but more specific)

I ordered 2 packets and this is my first one.In the Blues Packet this is what I got.

My first idea wasn't going to work because of the small total area of fabric I got so I changed it up and made a very simple baby blanket. It seems to be baby season in our lives again so over the next few months I'll be coming up with gifts for little special people that arrive in the lives of friends and family.

I attached all of the fabric to a bonding fabric and then drew on all the raindrops. This meant there was basically no wastage, as you can see some of the drops actually have multiple fabrics in them.

I haven't added anything into this blanket so it isn't a quilt - this is intentional so the receiver has the option of using it for swaddling, floor play or other general uses. The background for the drops is organic cotton and it is backed with soft flannelette that picked up second hand.

I love the colours and the fact that by chopping the pieces up so much I could make something much bigger than my original idea.

I'm quite pleased with my final result.

What now? On May 30th (this Friday) all the different images of thins people made will be uploaded to Umbrella Prints pinterest board and then you can madly pin all your favourite projects. Each time you pin an image from their board (so please don't pin from this post if you like mine), that project gets a vote and the winner gets prizes. Cool huh?

How about you? What do you like to make from tiny scraps?

love you more than presents ready for new arrivals xxx

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