Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello City Living

This week I am grateful that I can walk into town - in about 10 minutes at a leisurely pace,

pulling my 'bag lady' trolley.

And I can get prizes for party games, gifts for the birthday boy

catch up for a quick bite with The Atlas (even though my phone died - I just looked in his shared office window like some shameless hussy).

Print some things out at the library

and then finish off at the markets where I can buy all the veges, fruit, and meat that we need for the week

and discover a fantastic new shop where I bought some seriously lovely look muesli (and carob buttons, oops!).

and walk back home again.

All done in a couple of hours - no driving, no looking for a park, no hassles.

Today I'm grateful for city living and bag lady trolleys!

What are you grateful today? I'd love to know.

love you more than all the things ticked off a long list xxxx