Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Me Made May Week 3

May 14 - yet another incarnation of New Look 6805 this time with a self drafted (not really 'drafted' but not from the pattern!) skirt. Top made from old curtains and bottom from an old sheet. Beads made for me by Bounce.

May 15 - Self drafted Kimono style T. Op shop beads and bought jeans.

May 16 - I'm calling this my house dress. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow as it was this weeks make. Which means I have managed 3 new makes this May and all from stash.

May 17 - So I did wear shoes, just not to for the photo. Dress is made in cotton drill with a denim midriff. Bracelet from Oxfam, watch Dr Seuss a gift for my 21st birthday.

May 18
I didn't get a photo today because, as well as having barely any voice I was co-leading a heritage buildings bike tour for 2.5 hours in the morning and co-running (The Atlas was my attractive sidekick) an 8 year-olds Lego party for 2 hours in the afternoon. So here is an appropriate shot of what I did wear that day from a photo from the Adelaide News Paper a while ago.

May 19
Back into my shirt dress today - sooooo comfy! Also modelling one of my beautiful prizes from the Offset Warehouse competition -  this amazing Basket/Bag from BasketBasket. Also model wears new gumboots a mother's day gift from some very delicious young men. Yes I do look a bit like a farmer inside with my boots on but as these are self-timer shots I felt it was a better choice!

May 20 - New Look 6749 - this was a previous photo because you guessed! I forgot to take a picture again!

Yes it is another week of predominantly dresses. Yes I do need to make some pants. Yes I am more interested in making some more dresses. What's a girl to do? I do enjoy MMM but I also get a little over taking the photos (I love the record once I've taken them though).

So this week was a week of entirely average photos, sorry bout that! :o)

love you more than the perfect dress fabric xxx