Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015

Hello 2015,

I'm not sure exactly what I want from our relationship yet. I'd like you to be kind to me and my little family though. I'd like to sit back in 365 days and reflect on those days well spent.

Oh I know we'll have our days, the ones we rather forget and hurry through but I hope there won't be many of them and the scale of forgetfulness required won't be too epic. (Or ear-pick as my 8 year old says).

At the moment I'm not sure if I want to leap yahooing into the waves of the unknown or whether I'd like to lay on the deck and stroke my hand across the surface as the boat catches the wind. I hope I'll have the wisdom to choose both at the right time.

I want to fix my bearings and stay a straight course and if any should follow my way I'd like to leave them a clear light to go by.

I'd like there to be consistency in both of my worlds - the secret one that few see and the larger one I share. I'd like to get to the end of the year and feel that I'd be okay with either being given an audit. Perhaps that is too much to hope for?

2015 I hope that I give to you passion, determination and just a little bit of knock-your-socks-off awesome. Here's to a fixed 365 day partnership - let's make it work.

love you more than a day well spent xxxx