Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Project List for 2015 - so far

One of the blogs I came across last year that I really enjoy (particularly her stash-less series - so good!) is The Craft Sessions.

Recently she listed her projects for the year and I thought I have one of those lists! Her's is categorised into months but as most of my sewing and projects are purely selfish (sad but true) I can attack them in any order I please.

Anyway, because I do love a good list and the crossing off of a good list I thought I'd share mine here.

Do you have a list?

This list comes pretty much entirely from my stash audit at the start of the year and will mean I basically need to buy no supplies (maybe your should hold me to that!) until all the sewing projects are done. Exceptions are marked with an **. Furniture makes/make overs will need supplies.

In no particular order:
Standing Lamp makeover
Where the Wild things are Dress - NL6805
Strawberry Dress
Rose's Dress (an incomplete project I received from a friend that I will complete - the most wonderful fabric ever!)

Palazzo Pants
Coffee Table makeover
Kimono style T-shirt: Paisley and Grey
Dining Chair paint - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Kimono style T-shirt: teal

Broderais Anglaise Dress - remake, a second hand dress I was given that needs work before it's worn
Floral Satin Stretch Dress V8787
Doll for my niece **
Pink Sheet Skirt
Decoupage Dining Chair

Simplicity top 9626: Grey
Maxi Skirt DONE
Paper Planes Belladone dress
Bed cover from vintage handkerchiefs (I need some more to complete the size)
Denim and Plaid Blazer ** need denim and possibly a pattern

Stretch Top Simplicity 1849 ** need 1.3m fabric
Birds Skirt
Kimono style T-shirt: Monet-esque fabric
Simplicity 9626: Grey and Seagull DONE
Green Sheet Skirt

Wool Amebas Skirt
Red and Blue Vintage Floral Dress NL6000
Bandeau DONE
Faces Coat ** extra fabric needed for this
Doll for my other niece **
Blind to hang outside the kitchen window to block out the sun (yawn!)

So far that comes to about 35 projects if I count each of the dining chairs separately. I'm sure there are other things I will do but at the moment I want to work hard to focus on the sewing of these items which will basically reduce my stash to nothing but pieces for crafty projects, and that would be supremely impressive I think.

Do you have a lot of stuff in your stash?
Are there pieces you feel stuck on? If so I highly recommend having a friend cast their eye over it - it may take you in new directions!

love you more than a list to tick off xxx