Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yeah I *finished* it... 5/52

So technically when I received this dress all the hard work was done the sleeves were open and the hem wasn't done but everything else was there.....

except that it was for rather a smaller person.


I adore, truly it makes me girlishly happy, the fabric of this dress but I had consigned myself to picking it apart and using it for another project because there wouldn't be enough room for the ladies inside it.

My sister got me to try it on (and it did up with some holding of breath) and convinced me to re think.

So a tuxedo stripe was added on both sides, the armholes were bound with bias (which my sister made) and it was hemmed. Ta-da!

Very comfy, loose even! new dress.

So I'm not sure I can actually say I made it but I did renew it and turn it from being someone's off cast to a wearable piece of joy. That's a success right?

I love the back detail and the neck tie and the raglan style darts - so much to love and all the tricky bits done for me. Hooray.

What are you making at the moment?

love you more than a super easy finish from an almost discard xxx