Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yeah I Made It....1 and 2 and a half/52

this is going to be my sharing spot for the things I've made this year

So far there isn't a link to anywhere else that I know of so it's just us

One of my very talented sisters shared Christmas at our place and did over my fabric stash with me and helped me to choose projects for all my bits of fabric - oh so good to have another eye over the collection and patterns.... I now have about 20 projects planned for the year.

The first was this maxi skirt - I have been wanting a simple stretchy maxi skirt for a while. Covered up on super hot days and hairy leg days. This is basically a tube with an elastic waist at the top. I put twill tape down both the side seams because they don't need to stretch and this kind of stretch (the type that is like togs fabric) is a real stinker to sew.

I hemmed it with a stretch stitch then turned over the top and sewed that with a stretch stitch too.

I have worn it so much already that I'm not sure what I wore before I had it - don't you love those projects?

The second is a very simple cross-over stretch top using Simplicity 9626. I used this pattern last year to make a stretch dress. The front is a plain grey and the back is the same seagull fabric.

When I look at a rear view of myself in this ensemble I think it would be hard to argue against any figure other than hourglass on me - don't you agree?? Also I always seem to look rather lopsided in these backwards shots - I think I'm not like that in real life but who can really tell!?

The top was sort of a happy accident as I was planning a plain grey top as a wardrobe staple but I cut too many fronts so now I have one in 2 tone (more fun) and an all grey which I shall show you another week.

The 'half' is a little bandeau I whipped up (and by that I mean I cut a strip of fabric and overlaid it and sewed it together and the back - no hemming included). It give the rather deep V of the top and other things I own - some modesty so that my super engineered undergarments and other bits are kept out of the limelight.

I bought this grey fabric at the same time from the ASG's fabric de-stash event - second hand fabric is so good ethics and sewing in one easy transaction.

All worn with one of my all time favourite necklaces made for me by a certain 5 year old I love. (He's 6 now but he was 5 when he made it.)

Do you have a project list? I'm rather excited by mine.

what are you making at the moment?

love you more than air-flow on a 42 degree day xxx