Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yeah I Made It ... 4/52 Peanut butter and strawberry kiss

This is the other stretch wrap over top I decided to make from the Simplicity 9626 pattern. I like the ruches on the side and the little detail on the shoulders.

It's all grey which makes it kind of a boring make but one that will probably get a lot of use because there aren't that many non-colourful, non-printed things in my wardrobe (surprise!). Because I couldn't go totally without a little bit of Miriam I've 'tattooed' the back....

with a strawberry made from sequins. I bought it from a shop that sells buttons in Adelaide - walls of buttons (and sequinned strawberries!). It's a dangerous place to go for a girl that has a thing about buttons.

I also whipped up some peanut butter this morning. It probably works out the same cost as a cheap jar of peanut butter but it only contains dry roasted (by me) peanuts both skin on and off and it's a lot cheaper than the fancy ones that are just peanuts.

Modelled next to a sweet little tray/basket I picked up at the Vinnies the other day for $2 and the perfect size to fit cookies in for afternoon tea - I know because I used it the very next day.

What are you making?

I actually find school holidays less conducive to making because I'm hanging out with these 2 gorgeous boys I know. How about you?

love you more than warm peanut butter on the end of my finger xxxx