Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yeah I Made It 35/52... New Look 6000 and Part 1 of my pledge

Welcome, in case of emergencies you will find your exit button in the top left or right corner.

So I have until 10th of September to make 3 items from my stash to fulfil my pledge, and who am I to disappoint once I make a pledge??!

I have owned this fabric for 5 years it was anonymously donated to me in my first year of blogging. I love this fabric so much - I used a scrap of it in another project but then hesitated to jump with the rest if it. Fabric does this to me sometimes.

So I've made another NL 6000 dress - the simple version. I added a couple of tucks in the back neckline to work against the general 'humpback of notre dame' that seems to come as a free bonus with New Look patterns. I also did the pleats on the sleeves wrong but hey - we'll keep that between us shall we? The neckline pleats at the front were also necessary, probably I didn't take enough bulk out of the back.

I went for a shorter hemline than I usually do on this one. I blame The Atlas - he was home when I was hemming it. (Seriously hoping it doesn't shrink when I wash it!!)

I love this dress - I feel all sorts of airline stewardess in the 60s in it.

Outfit summary

Dress - NL 6000, donated fabric, items all from stash (free)
Tights - hand me down from my sister (free)
Boots - new, bought on sale recently ($170)

Overall awesome feeling - free.

So that is one down, 2 to go. I know we can hardly wait, right??
How about you - is there something you love that you just need to cut into/use/get out?

love you more than finally making something to enjoy from special fabric xxx