Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Four Ways to Click - books with health benefits!

Relationship builders and brain lovers.... this is for you!

I was sent this book a while ago, it was published in Feb this year, and I started it, turned lots of corners to re-read and then got distracted!

So I picked it up and finished it the other day.

four ways to click -
Rewire your brain for stronger, more rewarding relationships
By Dr Amy Banks with Leigh Ann Hirschman

I loved this book. It is very accessible, even for someone (me) who has little knowledge or experience with neuroscience and it's impact on relationships. For a good deal of time psychology has been about treating people to get them to be unaffected by their relationships and where the goal has been independence.

However, neuroscience is changing and in this book Dr Banks provides compelling information that relational strength and harmony actually strengthen our brains and make for a more meaningful and happy existence.

I don't think it matters which side of the optimist/pessimist or great relationships/terrible relationships spectrums you find yourself I think this book will provide challenging and positive ways of thinking and rewiring your own perceptions and ways of being. I kept thinking of different people as I read this book and wanting to recommend it to them. I also found a couple of the sections really personally challenging and they have already had an impact on some of the ways I think and how I label my thoughts.

The four pathways that Dr Banks covers are calmness, acceptance, emotional resonance and energy. Each of these is linked to how they come into play in relationships and how they have lasting affects on our lives and relationships.

For anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by life, like they don't belong, for people struggling with emotional resilience or mental health I think this book would be interesting and encouraging. If you want a stimulating read that will challenge and extend you and also encourage you I would definitely recommend this super readable but equally academic book.

Details - Allen and Unwin, Feb 2015 RRP $29.99 also available as an ebook.

love you more than a book that makes you smile while you read xxx