Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 33/52 Roly Poly Bird

It's book week y'all!

Bounce is a lover of all things theatrical and dressing up so I knew I could really have fun with his book week costume. He wanted to go as the roly poly bird from Roald Dahl's The Enormous Crocodile and The Twits.

He found a merino t-shirt style singlet for me to use, so I won't get cold - which really means: so I won't have to cover up my costume with a jumper. We bought an orange women's stretch skirt at the op shop and purchased 3 bags of craft feathers. I also used tulle from my stash and elastic - also in the stash.

 For the top I drew lines onto the merino with a disappearing fabric marker (but really would it have mattered what I used??!) and then made reasonably even marks along each line. I zigzagged the feathers in place going back wards on each stem to improve the hold. I used zigzag so that the top held its stretch.

I cut the waistband off the skirt and drafted some leggings, which were sewed up into tights, at someone's request.

For the tail I sewed the stretchy skirt waistband back together at the right spot for fit, then I cut strips of tulle and tied these onto the back section of the waistband. These form the puffy tail. I used feathers and just poked them through the holes to make the tail feathery.

The head piece is a piece of elastic cut to fit with feathers zigzagged all the way around.
All in all it wasn't too expensive to put together:
Op Shop skirt $5.25
Almost 3 bags of feathers $12
everything else was already in the stash.

Completed - one very happy Roly Poly bird. Big brother - not so fussed about costumes. I'll post about his one soon.

What do your littles want to wear for book week?

love you more than a large packet of colourful feathers xxx