Monday, August 17, 2015

On Being Brave

Brave souls welcome,

It doesn't take a genius to work out that I am an above average extrovert. (See how I just gave myself a compliment there - I have good self-esteem too!)

As well as the extroversion I love meeting new people and being inspired creatively so a couple of Saturdays ago I bravely took myself off and met some new and inspiring artists, at a new initiative started just nearby.

How does that all count as brave? For me perhaps not as brave as for someone else but inevitably the going to something on your own, without feeling you are a particularly/ or even a somewhat, talented artist, feels daunting. It does take courage to rock up to a group when you aren't sure exactly how it works, what the people will be like and even more so when you feel you may be slightly an impostor, given that you aren't really making a lot of art.

Photo by Lily J - host extraordinaire

Fear not my friends, the bravery was handsomely rewarded with a sweet and warm reception, unlimited sharing of crafty supplies and fabulous brownie.

Big picture story? Even for the boldest and noisiest of people risk-taking is still involved in meeting new people and trying new things.

We all feel the fear of being not-enough or too-much and rejection stings .... but more often that not the risk pays off. I think of the wonderful Christchurch bloggers who overcame their fears and responded to an invitation to meet up, those same wonderful bloggers who organised a bloggers weekend where other people took a risk and responded to a bigger invitation. Because sending an invitation is risky too - putting something out there and having no one respond can actually feel just as rejecting.

Today I'd like to issue you a little challenge - how about going to something or trying something you'd like to go to/do but fear has held you back, or how about inviting somebody over, or to go to something with you.... How about we all created a little space to be brave and take a risk.....

Because it might be fabulous! It really might be fun!

love you more than a bundle of new creations that weren't even vaguely sneered at xxx