Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yeah I Made It 34/52.... Wolfie

Costume loving mamas I greet you,

Flip's friends call him Wolfie, which he likes very much.

So when book week was first discussed this year he wanted to be a wolf - he wasn't too concerned about which book it came from.

I bought some fake fur and some polar fleece and used the hood pattern from a onesie sewing pattern I already had. I lined the hood in the fleece so it is pleasant (and warm) to wear. Then I made the ears by sewing a triangle of fur to a slightly smaller triangle of pink felt. By doing this the fur wraps around the felt which makes them more realistic - yes, I agree realism was probably not the overall goal!

Before I sewed the ears together I did some free motion stitching on the pink to make them.... a little more realistic!!

I sewed an elastic loop into the chin corner of the hood and sewed a button on the other side.

I then made some very simple cuffs from the offcuts, using velcro from the stash. Cue - pants and t-shirt from his wardrobe.

Face paint and we were done. He grabbed a Wolves book he bought earlier in the year.

He loved it and I'm hoping he might get further use from the hat to keep his head warm from time to time!

Selfish sewing shall resume soon...

love you more than 2 costumes done xxx