Friday, January 25, 2013

These Are The Things We Talk About

Flip - When you do a blow off you have to say pardon me and then the smell goes away. But if you say it too fast it doesn't work so you have to say it again.

Bounce - (Flip and Daddy were talking about boogies in golf and I was making jokes about that being gross) That's what makes your boogies green because they have been out on the grass.

a constant source of entertainment!


Unknown said...

This post really made me smile, very sweet photos :)

Janine xx
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Jess B said...

Ha ha, I love the things kids say! I have heard a great idea of having a big jar, and every time they say something funny or cute you write it down and put it in the jar. Then open it up and read them all at the end of the year, saving the best ones for 21sts!

Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

Naw! Can't wait till the words start evolving into sentences, I'm sure Jellybean will be full of fun facts!!

:) Hazel

Leonie said...