Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Thoughts

This week we've had some classics.

During our family night The Atlas and I both immaturely lost the plot when we were talking about what you could do if someone was being unkind. Flip said, 'I would just stand really still, then I would fall over and they might think I am a skunk'. The Atlas and I tried so hard not to laugh but we couldn't hold it together. Not quite the 'I'd choose to include the person in the game' or something similar.

I love the way these boys play together - being a chrysalis - so funny

Bounce made me laugh this week when I asked him why sushi was his favourite dinner, "Because a circle is my favourite shape and they are round"

Awesome date with The Atlas - the boys organise their own overnight stay with Ma n Pop so we went out for tea and came home and curled up to DVDs together. He is such a great guy.

We had a beautiful morning at Halswell Quarry for a blogging picnic that the lovely Juliet organised. Watching the children all roll down the hill was a total highlight.

And also the fabulous Christchurch bloggers who are coming to together with hope in their hearts and great enthusiasm trying to organise a bloggy get together for y'all this year - check it out over here lovelies - come won't you???

look at this beautiful mama reading to her boys and mine

Other people will hearts full over here.

What's made you laugh this week.


Leonie said...

I don't think I'd keep it together either :) Kids being gorgeous kids are the best x

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Love the pics of the boys being boys in those top pics...also love their minds and how they think re the precious.

Couldn't think of a better lady to be helping organise this get together than you :-) xx Meg

Melissa said...

I'm so hoping the bloggy event comes together and that I can attend! Would love to meet you all.

Jess B said...

Lovely lovely lovely. You've got some funny little fellows there - gorgeous!

I realy really hope the blogging get together goes ahead too - I am SO keen!

Leonie said...

loving your date with hubby

Naomi said...

I think pretending to be a skunk is far more original, and probably more effective too ;-)

Juliab said...

Sorry Miriam, I've only just cottoned on that you have a new blog location. Bit slow on the uptake there, that will teach me to not skim read whilst drinking tea, eating lunch and watching the tv all at once! I'm loving the chrysalis game, what superb imaginations your kids have. Have a fantastic weekend. xx

Katie in Wellies said...

Hi Miriam

Thanks for the creative inspiration over Christmas! I have made 3 dresses in the last 2 weeks! Woohoo. I'm pretty much sewed out now.
God Bless

Hootnz said...

that answer is priceless! so adorable :) And yay for a childfree evening! x

Sophie said...

Ahhh that sounds like you've had such fun this week. Those answers are just too funny! Glad you got a date night! Aren't they the best!!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Too cute; I'd like to meet the person who wouldn't have lost it at that...why a skunk, I wonder??

Lovely photo of you and your hubby, so nice that you got to go on a date!

And I am super-excited about the bloggy get-together, fun fun FUN! xx