Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - The Confessional Edition

Every Wednesday, Every Wardrobe Welcome

I have a couple of confessions I'd like to make and I hope we can still be friends afterwards. Okay?

1. I kind of like to be matchy-matchy. I know it's kind of uncool to choose a couple of colours and use them right through an outfit without a sneaky pop of surprise. Perhaps it comes back to a lack of confidence with colour mixing or it might be my little thing for monochromatic schemes but I do like a bit of matchy-matchy now and again. In the blue dress picture with the yellow shoes??? Totally would have worn blue shoes but I was travelling and it was what I had - I didn't mind the yellow but I totally could (and probably would) have matchy-matchy'd it.

Blue and pink combo - even wearing my pink train necklace, probably decided the blue earrings were too much for the outfit.....

Yeah so I hope you can still respect me.

2. I don't look after my shoes.... I think this might be because re-healing them or whatever usually costs more than I spent on them in the first place. Maybe I'm lazy... that would be why none of them get cleaned or polished past a crazy wipe when I see something on them while I'm wearing them.....

Do you have any fashion crimes you'd like to share??? Go on... don't leave me alone out here....


Dress - Sailor Spy
Bracelet - 50c Matakana Op-Shop
Tights - Glassons $5
Shoes - Cotton On $15
Scarf - Op-Shop Melbourne $4

Cardi - $3.50 Salvation Army Store
Necklace - Handmade
Sunnies - Dollar Store
Singlet - Hand-me-down
Skirt - Hand-me-down
Tights - Hand-me-down
Shoes - one of those pairs that are falling apart but I wear them and don't fix them anyway.....

So what is Wardrobe Wednesday?
  • It's a chance to take some time once a week to peel off the polar fleece trackies (I have a pair too!!) and put on something that gives you a chance to have a 'play' in your wardrobe, to make yourself feel pretty/ stylish/ like a woman. 
  •  It's a time to celebrate and hopefully to embrace your body however you find it - post baby, young or old your body is lovely and functional and precious and I want this place to be a place for you to see other women (ordinary, beautiful women) who don't live in designer homes on designer budgets with designer bodies.
How to play?
1. Link in your specific blog post not just your general blog
2. Link to a post about clothes - that's what we're here for
3. Please add a link back here so other people can come over and see people's clothing posts too - the old fashioned way or grab a button
4. Be encouraging and visit people - leave a comment now and again too everyone loves to get encouragement

Here's the button copy and paste away
Create Hope Inspire Wardrobe Wednesday
I hope you enjoy browsing each other's wardrobes this week.


Naomi said...

Hmm, fashion confession. I sleep in actual clothes sometimes, or should that be sometimes I wear my pajamas not as sleep wear. Other than that I think I'm quite well behaved. And as you know, I DO resole my shoes ;-)I like the outfit with the yellow shoes - while I think if anyone can carry off matchy-matchy it's you, I do prefer the unexpected dash of mustard.

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Miriam you're kidding about not being confident with colour mixing, right...?! Your colour combinations are spectacular!!! I LOVE how you've kept the palette uber bright all over in both outfits, right down to your tights and shoes! You're totally ROCKING colour!!

My fashion crime? Leaving things pinned when I should have sewn them... the cuffed grey suit trousers I wear a lot (last seen 10 Nov) are pinned up with safety pins - they've been like that for about 4 years =THE SHAME!!!= (Please don't tell my mum. She'd die ;)

Thanks for the great linky as always hun!

Catherine x

Unknown said...

Oh those boots! If only I was brave enough to wear such colours. Confession(s? I wear jeans too often, I'm too lazy for fussy make-up and hair, If I'm not going anywhere for the rest of the day I put on my pyjamas, even if it's only 3pm... the list goes on!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

I'm matchy-matchy too! My jewellery always matches a colour I'm wearing, and the other day I was lamenting my lack of blue earrings.
You look awesome in both outfits x

Bamboo Bear said...

My favourite thing to wear are men's t-shirts...with the collar and sleeves cut off. People sometimes comment on them but I keep it to myself that they're often hand me downs from my fiance >.<

Leonie said...

I love your colour combos and your confidence in pulling it off!

Miriam said...

ha the ol pyjama as clothes trick!!

Miriam said...

That is so awesome I am the same - those mending and fixing jobs....can not do!!

Miriam said...

um yeah totally guilty of that one too!

Miriam said...

thanks we're obviously kindred spirits!

Miriam said...

ha ha well I guess he'd better keep an eye on his wardrobe and his favourite tees then!

Miriam said...

thank you xx

mispapelicos said...

I adore your wonderful yellow boots, and the splash of colours, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
You are wonderful, and I am honoured to be amongst all of you gorgeous people.
Thank you for the invitation Miriam.

Jersey Blogess said...

Now this is what I call a fun outfit - love all the colors! they work so well together.

Jen @ Librarian for Life Style said...

Growing up in the (American) South, the urge to color-coordinate is strong. I am my mother's daughter in that I do not resist that urge! ;)

Fashion confessions? I to iron. So much so that I basically have purged my wardrobe of items that require ironing.

Jen @ Librarian for Life Style

Daenel T. said...

Hmmmmm my fashion crime? I have 2 winter coats that I wear on a regular basis. Both coats are missing a button. Both coats have the missing button in the pocket for mending. They have been that way for 2 seasons. I'm lazy.

But I do enjoy seeing your color combos. I always think you're bold and that makes me think I can do it too.

A Matchy Matchy Midlife said...

Truth...I think I am your fashion mind twin when it comes to Matchy Matchy! ;o)

Sarah Hulbert Style said...

Hahaha! I love the fashion confessions, Miriam. I think we all have a little something along these lines in our closets. But you still have my respect and admiration, My Dear. Love you in a knotted throat scarf!!! ~Sarah

Cat said...

Waaaa this one never turned up in my in box
I would never have guessed that you didn't plan on the shoes with that outfit LOL - it just said "Miriam" . . . . whereas I went brown upon brown upon brown LOL