Saturday, November 10, 2012

Little Love for Friday or Saturday

This week I've been loving

how much good stuff is happening in Christchurch and how so much of it is about making connections. I think the silver lining of all the quakes down here has been the feeling of community it has created.

These amazing trains on every Sunday afternoon and so reasonable to go on (and perfect for celebrating boys who have turned 4!)

There is this new crafty awesome cafe

This cool clothing swap with a stylist that another Chch blogger highlighted to me

The Atlas spent some time last night joining in with volunteers who are creating a pallet pavillion

This amazing retro clothing evening coming up (which I happen to be MCing - whoot!!)

... and the rest

Sewing time

And my little boys who are all that AND a box of crackers!!

I'm also loving announcing my October giveaway winner - congratulations to Juliet Cameo Brooch coming  your way!!

Also if you've ever wondered what I sound like and the kind of stuff I talk about when I'm talking about my faith this is me - speaking about Belonging. Let me know if you have a listen :o)

I'll be launching my November giveaway this weekend too

Are you having time to relax and enjoy the Spring or is end-of-year-crazy getting in the way??


tartankiwi said...

Aw thank you!
We still haven't tried out the Halswell trains- we will have to do so, it looks GREAT!

Hootnz said...

Love the train rides! what alot of fun and so great that after such a tradgedy there comes such a wonderful silver lining :) You have alot of neat things coming up...go you MCing!
Also love that pic of your boys on the trailer...cute!

Leonie said...

So much to love! Good luck with the MC-ing! Its wonderful how the sadness has created such a wonderful community and brought everyone together. Yay for love and laughter. xx

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Those ride-on trains look like heaps of fun...we love them in this house too! I'm definitely gonna set some time aside to have a wee listen to your podcast tonight xx

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Only a week later but I've just finished listening to your beautiful message. Thanks heaps for such a wonderful word, I loved it. And I loved hearing you and your sparkling personality shine through the message too. I'm blessed to know you xx