Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - Do You Inventorise?

Okay I realise I may be taking some language liberties here - apologies!

Also apologies for the lack of comments last week - we were away on holiday without connection or reception so when I got back I had to choose for more visiting over less commenting - but I did love checking you out all the same!! :o)

This week I'm keen to know do you ever do a stock check on your wardrobe?

I've been watching Gok's Fashion Fix lately where he goes through someone's wardrobe and itemises all of it - like 14 pairs of trousers, 26 tops, 4 dresses.....

I wonder what I'd count?

Do you ever count or do you just concentrate on the gaps - 'I need a pair of jeans' 'I need a dress for a work do'.... that kind of stuff?

This dress is one I picked up at an op-shop. It had a broken strap.

I love it. It's so easy to wear on a hairy leg, saggy tummy day when it's hot. Light, stretchy, undemanding! Everyone needs one of those wardrobe savers in the summer.

Dress - op shop
Necklace - handmade
Ring - also handmade

summer's kinda easy right? (and my hair is a mess - ahem)

So what is Wardrobe Wednesday?
  • It's a chance to take some time once a week to peel off the polar fleece trackies (I have a pair too!!) and put on something that gives you a chance to have a 'play' in your wardrobe, to make yourself feel pretty/ stylish/ like a woman or at least not slummy!
  •  It's a time to celebrate and hopefully to embrace your body however you find it - post baby, young or old your body is lovely and functional and precious and I want this place to be a place for you to see other women (ordinary, beautiful women) who don't live in designer homes on designer budgets with designer bodies.
How to play?
1. Link in your specific blog post not just your general blog
2. Link to a post about clothes - that's what we're here for
3. Please add a link back here so other people can come over and see people's clothing posts too - the old fashioned way or grab a button
4. Be encouraging and visit people - leave a comment now and again too everyone loves to get encouragement

Here's the button copy and paste away

Create Hope Inspire Wardrobe Wednesday

What do you think would you be up for an inventory challenge??


Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

I need a dress like this! You look fab, as always x
It would be an interesting exercise to inventorise (great word!!)...probably scary, too!

Kelly @ Kiwi Womens Style said...

I did inventorise once - it was scary how high the numbers were!

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but what can I say - I get bored easily :)

Debbie B said...

great find at the opshop!!!
Love the colours.

No I know exactly how much I have of everything in my wardrobe as I am wearing it constantly... I don't forget anything in my wardrobe as I have so little clothing.

So far I've made something or stolen and altered it from my hubbies wardrobe to have something new to wear on Wardrobe wed or I'll keep posting similar stuff every week. LOL jeans and t, skirt and t.... it will be really boring! LOL

wondering what I can steal (hmmm permantly borrow from my hubby for next week!)

Sophie Slim said...

So Miriam, whats your wardrobe count? ;p

fabric epiphanies said...

No I don't have a wardrobe count. I just fill the gaps and remove what I no longer love.

I love your dress. The print is very pretty:)

Unknown said...

I don't either :-) but I love that dress on you. It makes me long for summer.

Visiting from

Leelee said...

The print on your dress is fabulous

April said...

This dress is STUNNING on you. If it weren't winter here, I'd be tempted to get out my long dress and style is. Sigh...I'll have to wait a few more months. :)

mispapelicos said...

Looking glorious in your feather dress, Miriam. Thank you for having me.

Notchka said...

Yes I totally pull everything out of the wardrobe twice a year and look at the gaps, fix what's broken, dry clean what needs it, rediscover old favourites, work out new outfits and toss what isn't working. Its kind of refreshing. I always try to get down to a 'Gok sized' capsule wardrobe - so far a big fail, but y'know I try and stick to my side of the wardrobe!!

Sara said...

I think you look fab in that dress! I think I need one for when the weather gets warm here in the States! I haven't done an inventory of my clothes, I'm not sure I want to know the numbers! :)

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Sigh, how I wish it were warm enough for dresses. You look beautiful.

Unknown said...

Lovely dress :) I do try keep a check on my wardrobe but it is a bit out of control lately so I am doing a bit clearout currently (wish me luck lol) I am linking up, thanks for hosting :)

Janine xx
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@mfashforward said...

I do not have an inventory per say because I am afraid to know the number but I do keep a running shopping list of needed pieces from my inspiration board

Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style said...

In your fabulous -- and flattering! -- dress, you're making me dream of summer.

I don't keep a running count of my pieces, but my closet is certainly organized. I'm a librarian! It comes naturally :D

Suzanne said...

You look stunning in that dress! Gorgeous. Even better that it is easy to wear.

I would be scared to take inventory of my closets. I'm sure I'm reaching hoarder/addict status.


Silhouette de Femme said...

This maxi dress is beautiful on you! We are a new mother daughter blog that has linked your button & followed you. I do take inventory of my wardrobe as I like to clear it out every few months.

Leonie said...

Great comfy-looking dress! Theres not much of anything in my wardrobe! It would be great to interesting to see what your count is though! x

Rebecca said...

Love that dress. I have a whole rack of them for summer; things that are forgiving and yet have beautiful patterns to make me smile!

Sarah Hulbert Style said...

What a knockout you are, Miriam! I love the dress -it that sort of a peacock pattern? I try to inventory my wardrobe from time to time, and usually just come up with how many pieces I need/want. First world problems, eh? ;) ~Sarah

lilliesandsilk said...


Thanks for hosting the link up and I'm your newest follower:) Also, I love your maxi dress, it's cute and looks great on you. Have a good day!

Lillies & SIlk

Daenel T. said...

I've never done the take stock thing, although I know right off the top of my head that I need more collared shirts and a pair of well-fitting jeans. Lately I've been on a skirt fit, and haven't an appropriate top.

I do like your dress, very cute.

Gail said...

I love a summer dress! And am very envious of people like you who can buy and alter to suit!! Looks great!

Amanda G. said...

I don't normally do any sort of inventory, but in a group I'm part of on Facebook a girl was doing a wear-all-her-dresses challenge (she had something like 200, it was crazy!), and out of curiosity I counted mine. It was around 80, which surprised me. Needless to say there was a big closet clean-out after that.

I think this red maxi looks great on you. :)

Roz said...

oh I love, love this dress on you Miriam

Hootnz said...

You know I really should inventorise! ( love that word ) my good point. You can often find me standing for several minutes staring in my wardrobe in bra and pants...usually I look defeated ;) Brilliant oppy find by the way! These maxis look brilliant on you