Thursday, January 10, 2013

Show and Tell 2 - an iPad case

The very first 2 things I made this year are actually for someone else but as she hasn't seen them or tried them on yet I guess I can't show you them!

The Atlas gave me an iPad for Christmas which was a complete shock and he got a keypad with it so I could blog so I needed to make a case which accommodated both but meant I could just use the pad without taking the keyboard out too. I used this gorgeous green doily to function as a pocket on each side.

Just as I was about to finish it The Atlas told me I needed a pocket for a cleaning cloth so I included that too.

The zip around the corner is a bit wonky but I love the fabrics and the doily was another advent gift from Leonie.

I've also added a cute zipper pull tag which is a necklace pendant of a saint carrying baby Jesus through the water.

This was made entirely from stash I didn't purchase a thing! So I can officially tick 1/12 for things made from my stash this year.

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Amy @ onacraftyadventure said...

Loving the doily! it is so awesome!

bee said...

This is very cool- now all I need is an ipad! : )

Fay said...

Lovely case! I got an iPad for Christmas too, I'm feeling very spoilt this year :)

Unknown said...

Very cool! I haven't made anything yet this year, I have a stack of card making materials and I need to get on with making them now!!

Janine xx

Naomi said...

Great job - looks awesome! You will be the envy of every hipster you see ;-)

Leonie said...

Awesome, I love that you used your stash. What app are you using for blogging on your iPad. I used Blogsy while we were away as the iPad will only let you add one photo when using blogger in safari.
But I must say, I love my iPad! Best purchase ever!

Leonie said...

You are so clever - and whipped up in no time! Awesome :) Thanks for linking up :)

Bron said...

You had me with the it. Very clever invention indeed. xxx

Cat said...

And I use a purchased cover for my ipad naughty naughty naughty me
LOVE your cover and that doily LOVE

Hootnz said...

Hey there Miriam! :) Brilliant idea and I love the use of the doily too!

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

very nice use of "stash" items!!!

PaisleyJade said...

Well done you!