Thursday, July 24, 2014

Make My Week - a mightyish rug/ crafty fail

it took rather a lot of wool, it must be said - I had this vision of a gorgeous room changing enormous rug made of chunky wool on huge needles. At 8 balls of wool I decided to cut my losses and scale back from mighty to just 'ish'.

Also kind of dangerous on tiled floors.

Also notice the hole on the right corner? Me too.

Also notice a general lack of symmetry? Yeah, me too.

Also pills like the badness making it quickly less visually appealing.

Flip has liberated it from rug to blanket (not really big enough for that either).

I think I'll stick to smaller knitting projects for a while.

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love you more than a mighty knitted rug and it's lesser know cousin 'ug' xxx