Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More Reading - The 10pm Question

I was recommended this read by a friend and as I started reading it I think my mama may have recommended it to me as well. It was one of those wonderful reserve it at the library and it comes in the next week and you read it in 2 days experience. I do love those!

The 10 p.m Question is by Kate De Goldi and is a fantastic novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the roundness of the characters and the way the book walks the line between pre-teen boys natural childishness and the adult concerns and worries that beset children.

This year I am reading a lot of memoir style books (and there are more on my pile) but I do love the pure escapism of a good novel.

I loved the NZ setting for the novel and the way it all felt so natural and real.

If you are looking for humor and anxiety and family life all woven into a beautiful tale I would highly recommend this book. Published at the beginning of 2009 and the receiver of multiple awards it won't disappoint. It would also be a great read for a book group I think - there are so many lovely incidents that you could talk about with friends for ages.

Details - publishers Allen and Unwin. RRP $15.99 ebook also available - and don't forget your local library.
(trying to include these details rather than an online purchasing site and also trying to support local bookshops because wouldn't it be awful if we lost them! That's not to say I never purchase online but I am aiming for a balance.)

love you more than an awkward question skillfully answered xxx