Thursday, July 10, 2014

May My Week - Stop Collaborate and Listen

or so the song goes!

This is my Monday project - Bounce left behind his red 'spotty dotty' baby blanket in NZ when we moved and he has been pining for it. So I said we could make him something with spotty dotty on it (textured minky type fabric) it is on the back of his new blankie.

I chose the blues and greens. Not because they are his favourite (pink and purple currently are) but because I hope they will grow with him through different colour phases (and they are my favourites!). I don't mind that his favourite colours are pink and purple but I suspect they will change over time and as he grows up he may have strong thoughts about pink and purple so we went for something more neutral.

I bought the fabrics about a month ago and showed them to him with the promise of 'in the school holidays'.

I pinned this triangle quilt and used the triangle size as my template but we used 8 colours and I cut 16 of each which makes ours bigger and more varied.

I cut out the triangles in stacks of 4 fabric types and Bounce separated them out. Then he and I worked on the layout together - I love how happy this made him. Then I sewed and he brought me each new triangle at a time so we kept the order right.

He chose the buttons (it's just a top and bottom so not technically a quilt) and I sewed them in various places to hold it together. As always the back and front aren't quite the same size, there is some bagging!
pointing out the buttons I like

He loves it though and we've all snuggled under it for holiday reading. I love the feeling of collaborating together on a project and I think this is a pretty good make for someone as inaccurate as me.

"It's reversible mama." You can just see the hint of the green 'spotty dotty' fabric around his wee face.

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love you more than cow buttons and spotty dotty fabric xxx