Saturday, July 5, 2014

Children's Reading - That Car!

I have to say I requested That Car! for it's title first. Which is good because the cover didn't hook me right away, now that I have read the book I like the cover - strange how perceptions change aye?

What I like about That Car! is that it is essentially a story of where imagination and sibling play take children. For that alone I like this book - it fits exactly where our boys are at the moment - full of imagination and able to make those things real and joyful for long stretches of time, without prompting or set up.

I remember with fondness making sleighs of our beds with my sisters as a child and there is something magical about where imagination takes you.

There are also some beautiful poignant relationship moments in the story. The kind of moments you recognise as an adult but feel quite natural to children.

I would recommend this book for children who love to imagine and play, at young primary age.

Details - Published May 2014 by Allen and Unwin. Hardback, $24.99 AU, also available as an ebook.