Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On Being A Cheerleader

I often refer to myself as a cheerleader and I don't mean a wannabe pom pom waver.

I mean that I want you to succeed. Really. I really, really do.

There is something in me that gets ridiculously excited about people achieving their dreams, helping others, getting the 'yes', baby, opportunity, job, reconciliation.... they have always longed for.

Today I bought SPARK a very well reviewed book recently released by Walker books. This book happens to be written by a stunning (in so many ways!) woman I know.

I remember so clearly the day, making bread in my kitchen, I got a text from Rachael telling me that her book had been picked up by Walker books. I was so thrilled that I cried and I felt like my book had been given a 'yes' - that's how happy I was. Then I cried again when I told The Atlas.

Don't get me wrong - I have dreams of my own, secret and not-secret longings of my heart. Sometimes I have so many of them I feel slightly overwhelmed and don't know where to begin


I also just get so exited about another person's dream fulfilled. I want success and prayers answered and longings fulfilled for everyone,

and when that happens for someone I know my joy cannot be contained.

I am so excited about reading this book - my most anticipated read in some time. (I'll review it properly once I've read it.)

love you more than happy news and a book you want on the shelf of your local store xxx